Revolutionary announcement for our closest friends only:

CANCEL your Weiss subscriptions and I will “pay” you

Offer limited to 2% of VIP subscribers

Dear Subscriber,

The powerful economic changes we’ve been warning you about have now begun to hit the U.S. economy where it hurts.

So to help make sure you’re completely ready for the huge volatility ahead, I want to change our relationship in a very fundamental way.

To make that possible, I will "pay" you $3,581 to immediately cancel your current Weiss Research subscription, and in a moment I’ll explain exactly how and why.

That’s nearly $4,000 for you.

All you have to do is decide whether you want to accept it or not.

But don’t worry: If you decide to go for it, I’ll still be there for you through thick and thin. So will Mike Larson, Larry Edelson, Nilus Mattive, Sean Brodrick, and everyone else on our team.

In fact, if you cancel your subscriptions right now, you can get ALL of the services and profit opportunities that ALL of our analysts offer for as long as you want, and STILL get the $3,581 IN ADDITION to all our services.

Unbelievable? Perhaps. But it’s true.

You cancel your subscriptions. You get EVERYTHING we publish today — every service, every recommendation, every video or email.

You get them FOREVER.

Plus, you’ll also get ALL the new Weiss publications we introduce in the future.

And on top of everything, you get “paid” $3,581!

Yes, I agree. It IS hard to believe. But it’s a fact. And by the time you finish reading this letter, you’ll know everything you need to know to claim your $3,581.

Nationwide, housing prices have just made new lows. Unemployment is rising again. We have an obvious downturn in the U.S. economy.

We see a rapid deterioration in U.S. bank finances.

Plus, we are facing landmark budget battles in Washington — and a Congress sworn to block any major new bailouts or stimulus schemes.

I don’t want you to be hurt by the fall-out or miss any of the dramatic opportunities this crisis has already begun to generate.

Plus, there’s another, very practical reason I have limited this offer to a small group of investors: Because of the mixed impact this kind of monumental give-away can have on my business.

I’ve been running this company without interruption for 40 years straight, and if you consider the legacy of my father’s companies before me, we have an 80-year Weiss family tradition of guiding investors to safety and wealth building opportunities.  

I’m in great health and have a solid team of successors to keep the business going for decades to come.

So now let me explain the new kind of relationship we can have and how it works:

It’s my Weiss Inner Circle.

My Inner Circle is the most intimate, most elite, and most private group of friends and clients among our entire family of 400,000 readers and subscribers.

The idea is very straightforward: You get every newsletter, every VIP trading service, every rating, every research report, and EVERY PROFIT OPPORTUNITY that ALL of the Weiss divisions currently have to offer.

You get every single Weiss publication we launch in the future. You get them for as long as we publish them — and as long as you want them.

You get all that FOR LIFE — for less than the cost of just ONE YEAR of those services.

You’ll receive our in-depth monthly investment newsletters — the widely acclaimed Safe Money Report, Real Wealth Report, Income Superstars, Crisis Profit Hunter and Asia Stock Alert.

You’ll get our high-end global VIP trading services, including Emerging Market Winners, International ETF Trader, Red-Hot Global Resources, and Crisis Trader.

You’ll be welcomed with open arms to our million-dollar portfolios, which, with this rare exception we’re making for you now, are CLOSED to all new investors!

They include our Million-Dollar Contrarian Portfolio, our Million-Dollar Rapid Growth Portfolio and our Weiss Million-Dollar Ratings Portfolio.

To underscore my confidence in these investment approaches, I have invested $1 million of my own money in each one! And you can not only track what I do with my own money but actually buy or sell BEFORE I do.

You’ll get our fast-paced, ultrahigh-profit-potential options research services, including Resource Windfall Trader, LEAPS Options Alert, and World Currency Trader.

Perhaps most exciting of all, you’ll be among the first to get the new Weiss service we’re getting ready to launch in a few weeks — not to mention all the new ones we introduce in the months to come.

Plus, there’s one big extra bonus you’ll receive that no one else will.

You see, up until now, whenever our analysts in Asia, Europe, Latin America or right here in the U.S. have come across major profit opportunities in certain, unique small, but innovative companies, I’ve told them NOT to recommend them.

As you might imagine, this has frustrated the hell out of our analysts who find precious little gems they’d love to recommend to their subscribers.

Still, I have drawn a line in the sand on this issue. We simply cannot recommend these investments to thousands of investors. It would make it difficult for investors to get in — or out — at a fair price.

And that’s a shame — because as you know, it’s these smaller companies that can often post some of the most explosive gains!

The great news is, you can have full access to these kinds of recommendations as a member of my Weiss Inner Circle!

Since my Weiss Inner Circle is a very intimate, VIP group, I have given our analysts the green light to recommend these special opportunities exclusively to Weiss Inner Circle members.

This way, savvy investors like you can take advantage of these stellar, extremely high profit potential companies all over the world.

The profits from just this one benefit ALONE could cover the entire cost of membership in my Weiss Inner Circle.

In addition,

You’ll be among the very first to get the brand-new service we’re launching THIS month!

It’s devoted to an extremely high-powered new investment vehicle.

We’ll give you the opportunity to try it out before virtually everyone else in the world.

And then when we launch it to the general public, it will cost at least $2,500 PER YEAR. But it will be yours FOR LIFE with your membership in my Weiss Inner Circle.

And there’s more.

In recent months, we have inaugurated some incredibly valuable services and offered them FIRST to Weiss Inner Circle members.

For example, members of our Weiss Inner Circle were the first to gain unlimited access to the proprietary research we have on 40,000 companies and investments.

That includes every public company in the U.S., ranging from the smallest upstart to the largest blue chip. Plus, it also includes every exchange traded fund (ETF) and mutual fund.

We also cover nearly every U.S. bank, credit union, and insurance company.

And all of this research is based on the objective ratings we originally developed.

If you want our research on any institution, you can get it instantly. If you want reports on a hundred institutions of your choice, they’re yours.

Or if you want our help to SEARCH through the strongest among THOUSANDS of institutions, that’s also a part of your membership.

Grab our research as often as you like ...

Claim as many reports as you like ...

There are absolutely NO LIMITATIONS!

The more investments you have, the more banks or insurers you do business with, and the more you use this incredibly timely, accurate resource, the more profitable it could be for you.

Value: Immense and unlimited!

And there’s another very unique benefit to my Weiss Inner Circle — a benefit that flows directly and naturally from our 80-year history. It’s the Weiss Family Program, which I’ll explain to you in just a moment.

But ...

Please don’t underestimate the
exclusive value of this membership.

I will never send this invitation to the general public.

I am sending this invitation exclusively to our most loyal subscribers, representing only a small fraction of our readers. And we have set aside only a very tiny number of Weiss Inner Circle memberships — enough for only 2% of our loyal subscribers.

So I am asking you not share this invitation with anyone else.

Now, if you know me, you know I devote a lot of my time and heart to helping the average investor. So I’d love to help everyone if I could. But since many of the investments made available to our Inner Circle members are often smaller special opportunities, we MUST strictly limit the number of memberships we make available.

That’s why I’d like you to keep this to yourself and your closest family members only.

Membership is first come first served.

In other words, the BEST time to collect your $3,581 is right now.

So now let me explain precisely how you can effectively get paid $3,581 — and at the same time cancel your Weiss Research subscriptions.

Remember what I said at the outset: A membership in the Weiss Inner Circle costs LESS than one year of the services that members receive.

You can get a lifetime membership in all our investment newsletters ... all our fast-paced ETF and stock trading services ... all of our million-dollar portfolios ... all of our extreme high-profit-potential options services ... PLUS unlimited access to our research on all 40,000 companies based on the ratings we originally developed.

And you get it all for LESS than the DISCOUNTED price of what you’d pay for a single year.

On top of that, you get all the Weiss publications we will launch in the future.

In the first year alone, you’ll immediately save a whopping $3,581! That’s how I “pay” you this money immediately.

If you got only ONE YEAR of our services and nothing more, you’d already have a huge benefit — nearly $4,000.

But that’s just the beginning ...

By the second year, you’ll have saved $21,983.

By year five, you will have saved $77,189!

And in year ten, your total savings will add up to a whopping $169,199!

WITHOUT even including the value of the new services we’re going to be adding — typically a few per year.

In this letter, I’m going to tell you about many of the services you will get, including a few that sometimes go for large triple-digit gains.

But before I do, I want to make sure you understand the context.

It’s important to point out that those large triple-digit gains are NOT always possible, and you should NOT go into any of our services with the expectation that they are the norm.

Normally, most investors are thrilled to bank single- and double-digit profits, and so are we.

And typically, it’s only when great events make markets more volatile that it’s possible to make the far larger gains.

The recent huge rises in oil, gold and other commodity prices are good examples. So is the dramatic decline of the U.S. dollar recently. The collapse of major banks in 2008-2009 also provided some unique megaprofit opportunities. And with the U.S. economy now weakening, with a big budget battle looming and major new global money flows on the immediate horizon, we anticipate similar — or bigger — market moving events ahead.

But it’s also important to remember that all investments involve risk of loss. Nobody I know — including our analysts, who I feel are among the best in the world — can win 100% of the time. Losses, even losing streaks, come with the territory.

The good news is that, with expert guidance and prudent risk management, the historic events we’re now seeing in the U.S. economy, the currency markets and in commodities offer us opportunities that other generations of investors could only dream about. With that in mind, let me tell you about the first new service we’re going to be adding THIS MONTH.

It’s by the world’s most consistently successful trader I have known or probably ever will know. And what’s unique about it is that he HAS been a consistent big winner year after year.

I can’t reveal his name right now. But when I do reveal it this month, you’ll probably recognize him instantly since he’s been such a regular guest on CNBC, Fox News, CNN ... and because he’s been quoted so often in the most widely respected websites, journals and blogs all over the world.

What many people do NOT know about him is that he’s been making recommendations to a very small, private group of investors who could have used them to make a fortune.

His track record since he began in 2004 through May of this year, which we’ve verified trade by trade, shows a total return — including winners and losers — of 1,133.2% — enough to make you more than 11 times richer!

If you had started with $10,000, you could now have over $120,000. If you had invested $25,000, you could now have over $300,000. And if you had started with $100,000, you’d now have over $1.2 million.

An astonishing 69% of trades were winners — and the AVERAGE return on each winner was 87.4% — nearly a double, while the average loss on losing trades was only 32%.

Of course, past performance is no guaranty of future success because the vehicles he uses and market conditions can change. But I have personally been getting his trading signals; and I’ve seen, in real time, how consistently accurate they’ve been.

That’s important. And it’s why we’ve decided to add a new service he’ll be running to our Weiss Inner Circle this month.

Normally, investors would pay up to $5,000 for his trading signals, and even if we decide to offer a discount for Charter members, they will still pay close to $2,500 — for one year. But as a member of my Weiss Inner Circle, you will get them as part of your lifetime membership.

As a member of my Weiss Inner Circle, you will also get a lifetime membership in Mike Larson’s LEAPS Options Alert.

In most respects, LEAPS options — or simply LEAPS — are just like any other stock option. They’re generally inexpensive. And their purchase offers you virtually unlimited profit potential with your risk on each trade strictly limited to their cost plus a small broker commission.

But LEAPS give you a critical advantage that ordinary options do not: They can give you far more TIME to work in your favor — up to THREE YEARS! While most other options expire in just a few months, you can buy LEAPS right now that won’t expire until 2014!

This makes LEAPS excellent vehicles for two goals that are especially critical today:

Take Phase I of this great debt crisis, for instance: Had you purchased long-term LEAPS on each of the stocks we warned you about well in advance — the very same stocks we NAMED as candidates for failure — you could have banked ...

As I said a moment ago, don’t expect to achieve these kinds of astronomical gains in normal times; they are examples of what’s possible in the wake of a major debt crisis.

But we believe the debt crisis that’s starting now — this time driven primarily by gigantic government debts — could provide similar opportunities in the days ahead. So you should be ready to jump on extreme high-profit-potential opportunities like these when Mike gives you the signal.

The discounted charter membership rate for a one-year membership in LEAPS Options Alert is $997. But as a member of Weiss Inner Circle, you get a lifetime membership without ever paying an additional cent for it.

Next, you get lifetime memberships in my million-dollar portfolios.

You can have confidence in each recommendation because you know we’re in the same boat together: In each of these portfolios, I have my own $1 million on the line with you.

Moreover you get at least 24 hours advance notice on every trade. That way you can buy before I buy and sell before I sell.

The first portfolio I want to tell you about is based on the 100% objective, stock ratings I personally designed to help you keep your money growing even in tricky times like these!

Over the years, the ratings we created have proven to be remarkably accurate.

Our bank ratings have warned of nearly every major and minor bank failure in ADVANCE for the past three decades.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that our insurance company ratings beat our #1 competitors by a factor of THREE to ONE.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the stock ratings we published beat every other provider they covered by a wide margin.

That’s because I designed these ratings to objectively judge stocks exclusively on the basis of hard numbers: All without bias.

To mark the ten-year anniversary of the stock ratings, we just completed a special study — the most thorough documentation we have compiled in the 40-year history of our company — to determine exactly how much money investors could have made by buying the top-rated stocks.

The data show that if you had invested equal amounts in all 15 of the stocks we rated “A” when we first published stock ratings in 2001 — and simply held those stocks until December 31, 2010 — you would have beat the S&P 500 by 4.48 to one!

And there’s more: If you had been able to use our overall market indicator, also based on these ratings, to time the onset of the 2007 bear market, you could have beat the S&P 500 by 10.5 to one, turning $100,000 into $567,800!

With ALL of our 15 stocks rated “A,” you would not have had A SINGLE LOSING STOCK!

And remember: All of this is over nearly a decade that brought us not just one but TWO of the most severe bear markets in U.S. history!

Best of all, we have the power to make money when stocks are rising — AND when they’re falling! That’s the beauty of honest, unbiased ratings: Not only can they help tell you which stocks are most likely to rise, they can also help identify which are most likely to fall.

And when the combined ratings for an entire industry, sector or the market as a whole turns negative, it gives us a great opportunity to multiply our money with exchange traded funds (ETFs) that can pay you $1, $2, even $3 for every one dollar the index declines.

The service is the Weiss Million-Dollar Ratings Portfolio. And to help you harness every profit opportunity we find, you receive a 24-hour advance alert before I buy or sell anything!

Separately, for money that I want to trade more actively, we also have the Million-Dollar Rapid Growth Portfolio. And for money that I am investing more conservatively, I use the Million-Dollar Contrarian Portfolio.

Thousands have paid up to nearly $2,000 each to join and membership in all of our portfolio services is now closed. But when you join the Weiss Inner Circle, you will be automatically granted full LIFETIME memberships.

When you become a member of my Inner Circle, you also get a lifetime membership in Larry Edelson’s Resource Windfall Trader.

It's no secret that oil, gold and other critical resources are soaring. Nor is it a surprise that as the resources they produce rise in value, the stock of resource-producing companies often rises even more.

In Resource Windfall Trader, Larry Edelson helps you harness those opportunities in TWO ways:

FIRST, with hand-picked STOCKS Larry has identified as giving you the greatest profit potential and the lowest measured risk moving forward.

SECOND, with highly leveraged OPTIONS that are designed to hand you $3 ... $5 ... or even $10 for every $1 increase in the underlying stock.

As a member of my Weiss Inner Circle, you get every investment recommendation Larry ever issues, for life!

You get a lifetime of Bryan Rich's World Currency Trader.

As you know, the decline in one currency always reflects the rise in another currency. So there's always a bull market — no matter what's happening in stocks, bonds, commodities or real estate.

This is the market where Berkshire Hathaway piled up $294 million in a single quarter.

And this is also where George Soros made $1 billion in a single day in 1992 when the Bank of England devalued the British pound!

Now, thanks to The Philadelphia Stock Exchange's World Currency Options™, currency investment is available to everyday investors. You can seize the massive profit potential of the currency markets without high minimums and with strictly limited risk.

The discounted CHARTER subscription rate for World Currency Trader was $1,995. But it’s yours for a lifetime with your membership in my Weiss Inner Circle.

You get a lifetime membership in Ron Rowland's International ETF Trader.

Ron Rowland is the one analyst in the world who ...

* Has been ranked by HULBERT #1 or #2 for cumulative performance among all the ETF and fund analysts Hulbert has tracked — year after year for FIFTEEN years ...

* Has been awarded #1 rankings from MONEY MANAGER REVIEW ...

* Has beaten the benchmark global index by 15-to-1 for 14 YEARS!

And in International ETF Trader, Ron’s mission is to help you grab huge profit potential using exchange traded funds that specialize in the world’s hottest stock markets.

As a member of the Weiss Inner Circle, you get LIFETIME access to every one of Ron’s investment recommendations.

You get a lifetime of Sean Brodrick's Red-Hot Global Resources.

Sean Brodrick scours the markets every day for the most-promising natural resource companies for you to profit from, and the profit potential is impressive.

Consider the gains Sean Brodrick’s subscribers could have booked following some his recent recommendations:

On all of these examples, bear in mind that each subscriber’s actual results may have differed due to slight variations in the prices or broker commissions.

Plus, I need not remind you that what they achieved in the past may be different from what you can achieve in the future. The good news is that there are many other equally good opportunities now on Sean’s radar screen. And you get them all as part of your lifetime membership.

You get a lifetime of Rudy Martin’s Emerging Market Winners.

If you’re not investing in the world’s strongest economies, you’re either not making nearly as much money as you should be ... or, worse, you could be risking major losses in the world’s weakest economies.

Because right now, we are witnessing one of the greatest wealth shifts of all time. Trillions of dollars are leaving the world’s most advanced countries, pouring into Asia and Latin America. And Rudy Martin is helping to lead the way. Just in the last year, for example, if you followed his trading signals in his prior emerging markets publication, you could have seen gains of 32.1%, 22%, 52.7%, 63.1%, 79.5%, 74.8, 83.8%, 109.8%, 118.3%, 165.3% and 196.3%.

Not all trades can be so profitable. But unlike some of the examples I gave you earlier, these did not depend on crisis or big volatility. They were the natural outcome of the sturdy growth that’s now occurring in emerging market economies.

Today, Rudy’s Emerging Market Winners gives you the very best of his research, and as a member of my Weiss Inner Circle, you get a lifetime membership.

You also get a lifetime of Mike Larson’s Crisis Trader.

You’ve already seen how much money you can make in a crisis with options. Well, there’s also another, more moderate and less volatile way to make money in times of market volatility — with ETFs.

For example, the market data show that ...

Between October 11, 2007 and November 21, 2008, an ETF that surges when real estate stocks plunge jumped 166% in value.

Between October 11, 2007 and March 6, 2009, an ETF that soars when banking stocks sink jumped 241.9%.

Plus, ETFs rose as a direct result of Washington’s attempts to FIGHT the crisis! And we’ve seen especially dramatic gains in these select ETFs:

An ETF tied to crude oil rose 90 percent.

An ETF tied to gold bullion rose 121 percent.

A leading gasoline ETF surged 200%, tripling the money of investors.

ETFs tied to mining shares, such as this gold bullion ETF, did even better, rising 250%.

A silver mining ETF jumped 305%.

And topping them all, an ETF that is leveraged to the silver bullion market skyrocketed 700%.

When you become a member of my Weiss Inner Circle, you get every issue of Crisis Trader and every “Buy” and “Sell” signal Mike issues — for life. In addition ...

You receive a lifetime of every monthly investment newsletter we publish ...

You get a lifetime in Mike Larson’s monthly Safe Money Report to shield you from financial dangers and to grow your wealth even in the worst of times.

You get a lifetime of Nilus Mattive’s Income Superstars to help you go for high income and stellar total returns with dividend-paying U.S. and global stocks.

You get a lifetime of Larry Edelson’s Real Wealth Report to help you cash in on this historic boom in natural resources.

You get a lifetime of Tony Sagami’s Asia Stock Alert — designed to profit from the amazing wealth shift now under way from the West to the East.

You also get a lifetime of Sean Brodrick’s Crisis Profit Hunter, scouring the globe for the unusual companies that are making money hand over fist not only DESPITE global crises but BECAUSE of them.

Plus, since we give you such a broad array of investment choices, we will also give you a quick, easy way to spot the investment recommendations that we think hold the most promise of all.

With that in mind, we give you something that only Weiss Inner Circle members receive — the Weiss Inner Circle Alert.

More importantly, the Weiss Inner Circle Alert, which is sent only to our small, elite group of members, is where you get the unique recommendations that I won’t allow in any other publication — those smaller, leading-edge innovative investments I told you earlier that must be restricted to a very small group of investors.

And never forget, you also get a lifetime membership in EVERY Weiss publication we introduce in the future.

I told you about the upcoming launch of our new service by the most consistently profitable trader I’ve ever known.

But that’s just the beginning. Our search team is continually on the lookout for investment analysts with solid track records, with innovative approaches, and with BIG ideas that no one else really understands or knows how to implement.

I take the approach that I have NOT seen it all, I have not DONE it all and certainly do not KNOW it all. I have great respect for others that think out of the box.

So let me quickly sum up the amazing value of the benefits you’re entitled to as a member of my Weiss Inner Circle.

All told you get Weiss products
and services that are worth
a total of $18,531 per year!

(even at our deeply discounted
Charter Membership rates)

Here’s how it all adds up:

You get lifetime memberships in our five investment research newsletters. Their Charter membership rate: A total of $562 for just ONE year.

You get lifetime memberships in our four high-powered stock and ETF trading services. Their discounted Charter Membership rate: $4,480 for just ONE year.

You get lifetime memberships in our million-dollar portfolio services. Their discounted Charter Membership rate: $5,097 for just ONE year!

You get lifetime memberships in our three extreme high-profit-potential options services. Our discounted Charter Membership rate for the three: $5,892, again for just ONE year.

You also get total access to the proprietary ratings and research on 40,000 stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, banks, credit unions and insurance companies. Even if each report is worth only $1, that’s a $40,000 value. But over the course of a year, I don’t know if you’re going to need 100 or 10,000. So I am not even putting a value on this benefit. Consider it a priceless benefit.

Plus, you get all services we launch in the future. Value: Unknown and huge!

So, add up all the ONE-YEAR membership costs, and the total value of your membership in my Weiss Inner Circle is $18,531.

And that figure doesn’t even include the benefits we cannot measure — such as the ratings research or any new services we’re going to launch in the second half of this year and beyond.

Moreover, that’s just the value now. We plan to increase the value of your membership at a steady rate as we launch new services and add all those services to your package of benefits year after year.

That’s why some people in my organization said I’d be crazy to offer a LIFETIME membership in the Weiss Inner Circle for a one-time price of just $15,000. “Hey, they said: That’s even LESS than the DISCOUNTED cost of just ONE YEAR of the services.”

But they thought I was even crazier when I said this: “No. we’re not going to charge $15,000. I want to slash the cost to the bone and charge only $14,950.”

That’s $3,581 LESS than the discounted, Charter value of just one year of our current services! And that’s how we effectively pay you $3,581 when you cancel your Weiss subscriptions.

You make a single, one-time payment for a lifetime of research and a lifetime of profit opportunities.

That’s all you’ll ever pay, except for a small annual maintenance fee of $129 — to help defray some of the ever-rising handling costs — automatically charged directly to your credit card at the end of each year.

Never forget: In the first year alone, you’ll immediately save a whopping $3,581! And if you go no further, it’s already a huge benefit — nearly $4,000.

Then, by your second year, you’ll have saved $21,983.

By year five, you will have saved a whopping $77,189!

In year ten, your total savings will add up to a whopping $169,199!

And it just keeps adding up from there.

Also remember this: My company has a 40-year history and 80-year family legacy. So to underscore our confidence in our long-term future, we are going to offer you one more benefit that we have never offered before:

Your membership in the Weiss Inner Circle is a very valuable asset. So as a gift from my family to yours, I will allow you to pass that asset on to the successor that you designate.

And of course, he or she will be entitled to the same benefits and privileges you are — every single newsletter, service, rating or research report we publish — for a lifetime.

This multiplies the ENTIRE value of your membership in my Weiss Inner Circle at least two-fold!

Please remember, though, the number of memberships available is strictly limited.

So, cancel your Weiss subscriptions right now and accept this private invitation.

You get two full months to decide if the Weiss Inner Circle fits your needs and profit targets.

If not, you can get a complete refund!

Even if you let 60 days pass and call us on the very last day of your second month, we will immediately refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

You keep every service and newsletter we provide you in those two months. And you get all of your money back.

So we’re essentially offering you a risk-free 60 days of TOTAL ACCESS to all our best research, along with a first crack at our new services, PLUS an open door to our portfolio services that are now closed to non-Inner Circle members.

THEN, you decide whether you want to lock in your lifetime membership benefits or not.

All I ask is that you to take this as seriously as I do.

I want to make absolutely sure you are 100% satisfied with the ultimate in Weiss Research services.

I want you to read our newsletters and make solid profits from the investments recommended.

I want you to go for monstrous, sometimes triple-digit gains from our extreme high-profit-potential options services.

I want you to take full advantage of the UNLIMITED ACCESS you get to reports or ratings on the 40,000 companies and investments in our vast database.

I want you to love — and profit from — my Weiss Inner Circle Alert so much that your family becomes a permanent member of OUR family, always looking forward to new recommendations, new services and new opportunities.

I want you to test drive — either on paper or with real money — the unique smaller cap profit opportunities we offer exclusively to this elite group.

And then, if you’re not satisfied with even ONE aspect of this amazing new kind of friendship with me and my team, I want you to have the opportunity to change your mind.

That’s why, despite the tremendous value you will get just in the first two months, I insist on giving you this guarantee.

Suppose you decide to cancel later in your first year? Then, you can still get a refund of the membership fee pro-rated over a 12-month time horizon.

Let's make 2011, 2012 — and the years beyond — your most profitable ever.

To apply for your membership now, simply click here.


Martin D. Weiss, Chairman
Weiss Inner Circle


(If you see a WAITING LIST notice when you click,
I’m sorry ... but we’ve hit our 2% limit.)

P.S. Remember: You must love your new membership or it won’t cost you a penny. After you activate your membership in the Weiss Inner Circle, you get two full months to decide if it’s right for you.

Even if you change your mind on the very last day of your 60 day risk-free trial period, we will immediately refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. And even if you decide to cancel later in your first year, you can still get a refund of the pro-rated membership fee.

Click here for our terms & conditions.

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